Nepal’s 14 blind cricket members team Departured for World Cup


NPL Sports – Kathmandu,  2nd January : Nepalese team has been dropped for the one-day ODI series against the World Cup.

Nepali Sports team, with Tejulal Chaudhary, chief coach of Nepali National Cricket Team and Jagat Tomata, has been given the Nepali team with 14 players playing Pakistan and Dubai in the competition.

Nepal will play Bangladesh with Bangladesh on November 28, with Pakistan on November 28, with Australia on November 2 and Sri Lanka on November 2. Nepali team captain Krishna Shrestha Dwal told that the Nepalese team had a good practice in the program.

In the previous edition, 10 countries participated in this competition, even this year, six countries have played this year.

Nepal defeated South Africa and New Zealand in the second Twenty-Twenty20 World Cup last year.


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