Shubman gill:From ranzi trophy vault to Senior team


Player of the Under-19 World Cup in 2018. Run-machine in domestic cricket. X-factor playerfor Kolkata Knight Riders. And now in the next few weeks; Shubman Gill could well be a Test match player for India. During the Duleep Trophy in Bengaluru in August, the 20-year old took time off to chat about batting, the importance of being calm and those who have played a big part in his formative years.

What have you learn from under 19 till now?
I’m clear in my head that your game doesn’t change, it’s just the mindset that changes. At the Under-19 level, you are on level footing with every other player, whereas at the senior level, you face a lot of experienced cricketers. I can’t play with the same mindset because playing someone at 125kph and someone at 140kph is a completely different experience. That is where the IPL has helped immensely.

What is the mantra behind your adaptation?
It’s just about calculating the situations, assessing what the team needs, and how your decisions will affect or benefit the team at a certain time. You have to take risks at times. My mindset is such that I don’t think about what will happen if I play a certain shot and get out. You have to be calm to make decisions under pressure.

whats your approach to your batting style?
I like to be aggressive but it is very important for one to understand as to what time you have to be aggressive and when you should temper your game and get through a spell when the bowler is on top.

Which shot do you like playing the most?
I have a number of shots (laughs), but I enjoy the cover drive and pull shot.

Are you thinking cricket all the time even when off the field?
I know you will have more bad days than good, so you have to be balanced. Sometimes I think a lot when I have had a bad day. On the field, you have to be switched on all the time. If you’d asked me this question two years ago, I would have said ‘yes, I think a lot’, but over time, I have changed.

Tell us about your ODI debut in New Zealand earlier this year.
I was very excited, but I was nervous too. But as I played the first ball, the nerves calmed down. When the team was announced, I was very happy to know I was playing finally..