Friends Club


Friends Club is a Nepali football club, which plays in the town of Kathmandu. They are situated in Kupandole Lalitpur. This club is known for nurturing young talent of Nepalese Football. Friends Club has produced more than 200 national football players till date. It remained only a football club that every now and then organized certain social activities like reading room facilities, blood donations, bicycle rallies against drug abuse etc. Only since late 80’s, it has implemented different training activities for women and children. It is also running a clinic and a pathology laboratory which are very popular among the people of kopundole.

The club has come a long way since 1972 until now from sports club to a sport-cum-social-club.The team practices on the grounds of Pulchok Campus and has a huge fan following in the college. The students are planning to form a fan club and aim to work together with the club to promote Nepalese football. The club in the current season is aiming for the top 3 spot. The club has a unique way of celebrating their victory by sacrificing a ‘khasi’ and enjoying the feast and the players believe in the hanuman god situated near their club office.

The club plays in the Nepalese first division, This year Club Sign Nepali National Team Captain Sagar Thapa along with other national player Nirajan Khadka and Deepak Bhusal. Current national player Raju Tamang, Bharat Khawas, Sagar thapa, Nirajan Khadka, Deepak Bhusal are product of Friends Club Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League.

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